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A lifetime of observing and absorbing the natural world around us.

Nature is a constant source of inspiration. Through sculpture capturing the beauty of our native animals and plants, together with observation of human behaviour and interaction, all captured within a moment.

People Sculpture Gallery

The Many Faces of Covid

 Width: 70cm. Height: 50cm.

Framed. Bronze Resin.

The people and events within the first year of Boris Johnson’s year as Prime Minister. Those who caused problems and those who proved to be assets. The lock-downs, social distancing, masks and the extreme pressure on the National Health Service.

Then the successes of Marcus Rashford, Captain Tom, the NHS and Kate Bingham who contributed to the efficient delivery of the immunisation programme throughout the UK.

A unique year so maybe produce another image to record what happens to us all in 2021.

Gallery of Wildlife Sculptures

Blackbird with Butterfly.

Height: 26cm.   Width: 24cm.  

Life Size Bronze Resin.

Now our most common garden bird, which in the last few years, has  overtaken the title from the House Sparrow, which with the gradual loss of their favourite nesting site of the old Privet hedges in gardens, have retreated to the countryside. The Blackbird can become very tame when the combination of regular food and a lack of predators are available. Other species on the sculpture are Bracket Fungi            and a Speckled Wood Butterfly.

Habitat Sculpture

Width 17 cm. Height: 23cm.

Life Size Bronze Resin

Trees and their trunks, branches and leaves are fabulous havens for numerous wildlife and old tree trunks with their fantastic shapes are stunning. This beautiful trunk of wood supports stems of Blackberries, a wren and a Woodmouse.

Nuthatches with Honeysuckle

Width 30 cm. Height: 35cm.

Life Size Bronze Resin

I love the way Nuthatches happily run upside down when descending tree trunks. Two are shown on my sculpture, as well as        Honeysuckle fruits and a Ringlet Butterfly.

Little Owl

Height: 32cm.   Width: 17cm.  

Life Size Bronze Resin

Little Owls are often seen during the day, often high up on telephone wires and poles. They tend to frequent the hedges                   associated with arable habitats

Otters on Rocks.

Height: 38cm.   Width: 40cm.   Length: 55cm.

Life Size Bronze Resin Size: Length: 55cm. Width: 40cm. Height: 38cm.

Otters are such beautiful, streamlined creatures, but secretive in their way of life along some of our larger rivers in Britain. These are leaning over rocks to the water, where one has caught a Trout. Ivy grows over the stones and an Emperor Dragonfly perches out of sight.

Kestrel with Stag Beetle.

Height: 40cm.   Width: 38cm.  

Life Size Bronze Resin

An amazing bird often seen perched on telegraph poles, waiting to spot prey among the surrounding grassland. Or hovering in the air,  judging the correct time to fold its wings and drop to catch its meal. This sculpture also shows a male Stag Beetle.

Tawny Owl

Height: 38cm.   Width:20 cm.  

Life Size Bronze Resin.

Generally Britain’s most common Owl, frequenting all wooded areas including towns and gardens. They can sometimes be  seen during the day, hiding within dense areas of ivy-covered trees. Their presence during the day is indicated by the alarm calls of Blackbirds and Jays, which have observed their presence.

Vixen & Cubs

Life Size Bronze Resin

Vixen: Height: 48cm  Length: 76cm

A familiar view where young cubs can be seen playing with each other and appearing to dismay and perplex the Vixen with                       their exuberant behaviour.

Fox Cub 1

Life Size Bronze Resin

Height:  24cm.   Width: 22cm.   Length: 57cm

Fox Cub 2

Life Size Bronze Resin

Height: 40cm.   Width: 30cm.   Length: 55cm

Song Thrush with Snails.

Height: 28 cm.   Width: 28cm.  

Life Size Bronze Resin

A song Thrush breaks the shells of snails on stones and will return to the same one,  leaving a pile of broken shells. This is called a Thrushes’ Anvil. This sculpture also shows Blackberry leaves and a Garden Snail.

Herring Gull on Rocks.

Height: 60cm.  Width: 64cm.  

Life Size Bronze Resin

The size of a Herring Gull is often a surprise when seen on the ground, being much larger than it appears in the air. They live in noisy groups, often taking food from people who are unwise enough to eat while walking among them. Bladder Wrack seaweed and some  Mussel Shells lie on the rocks.


Buzzard with Tree Snail

Height: 42cm Width: 25cm.

Life Size Bronze Resin

Buzzards are incredible birds and an amazing sight when seen circling together high up in the sky. When seen on the ground, their sheer size is always a surprise. Tree Snails are shown on the trunk, along with a female Stag Beetle.

Male & Female Heron

Male: Height: 107cm.  Width:62 cm.  

Female.  Height: 85cm. Width: 69cm.

Life Size Bronze Resin

Herons are a marvellous sight when seen standing motionless by water, just waiting for prey to venture within their reach, when it will strike, impaling the fish with its sharp beak.

Girl & Cow

Fired Clay

Happy Families

Fired Clay

Urban Farm Cow

Bronze Resin


Fired Clay

Possingworth Clock Tower & Coach House

Fired Clay

Possingworth Clock Tower Reliefs

Bronze Resin

Motorway Services

Height: 18cm. Width: 30cm.

Terracotta Fired Clay

Just great to sit and watch people. This contented couple enjoying a break before continuing the drive to their destination.

Young Love in Stratford upon Avon

Length: 30. Height: 25cm.

High Relief. Terracotta Fired Clay.

A couple in the park, spotted completely absorbed with each other and oblivious to the busy, crowded area all around them.

Mother with Child

 Diameter: 40cm.

Circular Relief Sculpture. Terracotta fired clay  

A mother with her new-born daughter. But a sad ending as the now 10 year old girl has lost her beautiful mother who has since died of cancer at the age of 45.