Lynette Merrick. Ecologist & Wildlife Illustrator. Director of Gatekeeper Educational Ltd.

The natural world has always been a fascination for me, from my early days  searching for wild flowers and insects on the South Downs. A career in nursing followed by years in Primary Education and becoming an Advisory Teacher for Environmental Education was followed by illustrating over 1,500 illustrations of British wildlife and setting up of Gatekeeper Educational Ltd. 

The minute detail of illustration, led to trying the very opposite technique of sculpture. And so, wildlife was depicted in its three dimensional form. Grey Herons, Vixen with her two Cubs, Fallow Deer with her Fawn, Birds, Otters, Herons, Cows, Pigs and others and my people watching studies. It is great just watching people at their daily lives, at motorway services, park benches and one of my favourites, a mother and her first-born child.

All my wildlife sculptures are shown within their habitats, with related species of plants or insects and all are created life-size.

The latest sculpture has been a complete revelation for me. To depict the most incredible year that the world has experienced since the World War in 1938-1945. “The Many Faces of Covid”. Documenting the period of Lock-downs between March 2020 and April 2021. The people, places and events during that time. Such a memorable period in our once problem-free lives, that I just had to document it in visual terms.

Only time will tell what the future holds for us next.

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